The SOMOCER GROUP Products, a Tunisian manufacturing, from the heap of earth, to the singular masterpiece. Since its creation, 30 years ago, SOMOCER Group, leader in the local market, represented the art of refinement and know-how. Thanks to its quality of services, adapted to its client’s needs, the group acquired its notoriety by manufacturing wall tiles in double firing, sandstone and acrylic bathtub.

Mixing both traditional knowledge to modern technologies, SOMOCER Group controls divinely all the manufacturing process of ceramic, going from the wall tiles to the sandstone. Each year, new décor and new selections are created, developing original ideas, forms and colors. It’s within SOMOCER Group that innovative ideas are born. Seeking an optimal result require a scrupulous know-how, as both tasks and choices must be taken and done accurately. Our own production standards are even more exacting than international ones, as our system is entirely compliant with ISO 9001-2015. It’s your first and primary guaranty.

Our advisors and experts are also at your disposal to give you any information or precision about our set of products and services that we can provide you, at SOMOCER Group, your partner that enchant your daily life!